Digital Courtroom Audio Visual Recording System

We offer fully digital courtroom system with audio visual recording in digital platform. Our digital courtroom audio visual recording system are paired with BOSCH digital audio conference system component, line array loudspeaker and full HD IP camera with the Courtroom Case Tracking System operation & recording software.

Audio System

We offer various brands in sound system which are some of the most recognized systems in the world. Our sound systems are paired with high-end audio mixing consoles, branded microphones, durable transparent quality cables, speakers, band equipment and many more to form a solid workspace for any team.

Lighting System

We have all sorts of lighting to cater for each and every need. Ranging from PAR lights and profile lights to follow spots and moving heads, we support environmental friendly products and hence we use mostly low energy LED to replace the high wattage light fixtures.

Visual System

Make a lasting impression by letting your guests feast their eyes on crystal clear visuals and successfully convey your message with quality equipment. We offer various branded video mixers, projectors, LED screens, TV, advertisement/info panels, stage monitors and switchers from brands like Panasonic and more.